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Translation agency “PROFIDIS” employs a large number of freelance translators/interpreters in all language combinations. We want to hear about your experience and your specialties so please submit your application. Please provide us with the following information in your resume:

  • Language combinations (target language is your mother tongue)
  • Specialities
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Tarifs
  • Contacts

and attach one model of any of your projects (original with its translation) for each language combination (for translators).

We offer considerable benefits to our freelancers, such as:

  • Access to all terminology databases
  • Constructive feedback on completed translations
  • Easy-to-use on-line billing
  • Interactive calendar
  • Payments in 15-30 days via direct deposit and PayPal (outside Canada)
  • Quick and efficient job allocation by professional project managers

Together we will succeed. 

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